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Updated: Jan 15

Not everyone is cut out to be great at sales.

Many of us just want to opportunity to share our flare for fashion with others.

But to run a business based on people, requires a business operated by people.

But not just any type of people. The type of people sought to lead a sales team for Aquarian Shop by Liz

An Alpha Aquariian team

What is an Alpha Aquariian team?

Well, let's first define " Alpha Aquariian"

Alpha Aquarii, officially named Sadalmelik, is a single star in the constellation of Aquarius.... the second-brightest star in Aquarius. Based upon parallax measurements made during the Hipparcos mission, it is located at a distance of roughly 520 light-years from the Sun.
traditional name Sadalmelik, which derived from an Arabic expression سعد الملك (sa‘d al-malik), meaning "Luck of the king"
only one of two stars with ancient proper names to lie within a degree of the celestial equator.
the Chinese name for Alpha Aquarii itself is 危宿一 (Wēi Xiù yī, English: the First Star of Rooftop).
Excerpt from Wikipedia -

For Aquarian Shop by Liz this title means coverage, knowledge, protection, honor and integrity.

As part of the Alpha Aquariian sales team, you will be responsible for generating and encouraging customers to purchase products available on Aquarian Shop by Liz website, Marketplaces and other sales channels.

You will be required to be

  1. honest and knowledgeable about our products.

  2. be willing to research and ask questions.

  3. Communicate with buyers nationally and internationally

  4. Communicate with website owner, legal advisors and financial advisors as needed (see more info below)

  5. If approved to accept in-person payments for purchases, must be willing to sign various legal documents

  6. More info and details to come

Aquarian Shop by Liz is a new dropshipping estore.

We have suppliers and merchants available worldwide.

If at anytime you would like more information about our supplier connections after accepting and signing our legally binding contract, let us know.

We aim to be as transparent with our customers, teammates and supporters as legally viable.

Aquarian Shop by Liz partners with

LegalShield to provide legal protection for business, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Aquarian Shop by Liz partners with CG Pro Business Solutions for professional business related resources.

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