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Updated: Jan 15

This blog lists suppliers Aquarian Shop by Liz partners with to provide customers a wide variety of products to choose from.

Whether it's

  • Family apparel

  • Pet products

  • Home decor -indoor and outdoor

  • Electronics

  • Athletics

  • Beauty and wellness

  • Education

  • In support of a nonprofit or social justice cause

Our supplier connections help us help our customers better.

Many of our current suppliers are internationally based. However, we are starting to find more USA suppliers and manufacturers willing to allow us to offer their inventory on our platforms.

One last thing about Aquarian Shop by Liz partnerships:

We pass many discounts and savings on to our customers

We understand and empathize with all, especially right now in this Covid-19 era.

We are NOT here to take from anyone. We ARE here to be a valuable means to save customers on everyday purchases and we strive to find partners willing and able to do the same.

We are also here to be a secure connection between suppliers, merchants, and customers regardless of their location.

We understand and empathize with others online purchasing fears.

As a partnership team, we will do our best to help relieve these fears our customers have.

How? By being as honest, transparent and confidential as we legally can be. Simple as that!

Ready to meet our suppliers?

Good. They are ready to meet you and our customers too.

Supplier connection 1: Modalyst

Supplier connection 2: AliExpress

Supplier connection 3: ShareASale

Supplier Connection 4: TripleClicks

Custom-made connections for brandable apparel and home decor:

  1. Printful

  2. Printify

  3. Teespring

Current manufacturers:

  • Savoy Activewear- Italian made Activewear

  • Out line Ind- custom made apparel handmade from Pakistan

  • Fuze Body - USA based body and wellness

Our Marketplaces:

  • Etsy

  • Facebook

  • Mercari

  • Google Business and shops

Our ads can be found on

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Etsy Ads

  • Alibaba group

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Local classifieds

  • Facebook groups

Join us

Want to be an approved supplier at Aquarian Shop by Liz?

Message us.

Want to be part of our sales team or blogger team?

Let us know.

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