I am NOT a blogger

If you would like the opportunity to be a fashion blogger, here is your chance.


A fashion blogger is a person that digitally writes about fashion.

A fashion blogger is a valued resource in learning about what is hot and trending.

Fashion bloggers help shoppers find deals.

Fashion bloggers help legitimize businesses.

Fashion bloggers do not claim rights or ownership of any products they review unless they pre-purchase them or are gifted products by a company or authorized reseller for that company.

What is needed to be an Aquarian Shop by Liz fashion blogger?

  1. Do you have an internet enabled device?

  2. Are you willing to look over the products we have on our website, marketplaces and social media site?

  3. Are you willing to start discussions about those products with others using our bloggers page?

  4. If no engagements, will you continue to write posts for Aquarian Shop by Liz to help built interest?

  5. Are you willing to be compensated in commissions to start? (Commissions based on sales of products with your unique identifier tag)

  6. Are you able and willing to sign a legally binding ncontract for freelance employment?

  7. Are you willing and able to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement?

  8. Are you willing and able to be learn and be bound by the California Child Protection act prohibiting solicitations and sales to minors?

  9. Are you willing and able to be honest, fair and non discriminatory in your postings?

  10. Are you willing to work with others remotely regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, history, age or other factors not mentioned herein?

Aquarian Shop by Liz strives to be an Equal Employment opportunity for all regardless of remote location.

What Aquarian Shop by Liz is able and willing to offer

Since we are brand new to online sales, we are only able to offer commission based positions for now.

However, those that start and stay at commission based until ASBL obtains recognition are most likely to be included in many

  1. ongoing and future decisions

  2. Higher commissions

  3. Better incentives

  4. More saving from ASBL purchases

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, send us a chat message to discuss how to get started today!

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